Poisoned chalice


I went near the lady and she gave me one, saying that if i didn’t take any i would turn into a frog. To that i answered i was already called Froggy. “Because you’re French?” she said. “No, because i’m green” i replied. After this deep conversation she went away while i ate the awful stuff she had given to me. I was feeling ok until i tried to fly off. Turns out that bitch fooled me. I started melting to the ground, spreading myself like a soft piece of shit. My vision got awkward when my eyes split and ran down on my puddle. One eye caught sight of the woman grinning from far away. It was too late to do anything though… Anyway trust me, as soon as i look like a human being again, i’ll get my own back on her!

Not So Random Art

ToothbruSh adVentures

Today I removed my toothbrush bristles. That’s the best idea I got to stop my whole family to use it. Once I found my toothbrush in a glass conversing with my grand mother’s dentures. Another day I caught my brother forcing it to clean off dirt from his new snickers. My mother regularly swaps hers with mine when hers dies and my father takes advantage of its kindness each time he accidentally drops his wedding ring in the washbowl siphon. Now my toothbrush is safe and all mine.

Not So Random Art

Random Rabbit and Pink Panther

Today i’m angry and sad. The white rabbit that was secretly eating bite by bite my Pink Panther poster (I guess it was jealous: a random albinos bunny compared to the famous elegant Pink Panther…), so that ugly and bothering rabbit of mine left without noticing. It’s been 5 months since we haven’t seen each other and it sometimes visits in my psychedelic dreams. In the last one, Bamby (its name’s Bamby) is having dinner with two friends i’ve been sleeping with, Bob and boB (or is it boB AND Bob? Did i say i slept with them? By the way i’m not sure who these guys are really) Confusing…Anyway, they left already…who left again? God! BACK TO THE STORY! So i was in that huge supermarket, trying some nail polish, which happens regularly (or drying my hair with a hairdryer). Anyway, i was looking for some cheap flight to Moscow Beach when Bamby appeared on a sudden. It then said something like « Eat me, eat me so i’ll be free from this ecCentriC dream of yours, let me freeeeeeeeeee! » Since i wasn’t there anymore i couldn’t help, all the more that i didn’t hear the beginning of its laments. Panthers are really weird sometimes… more when pink.

Not So Random Art

randoM artiSt interView

Weekly interview – n°1

– Ok, look at me not at the camera, we’ll start with a few questions about yourself, childhood, etc then we’ll get more into your art, right?

– Hem…yes

– (One, two, three) Hello Tricky Alice, welcome at Random Media!

– Hi

– So Alice …

– It’s Tricky Alice.

– Sure… sorry, Tricky Alice. So you are a visual artist, creative, sensitive, crazy and free from art movements, is that right?

– You said you wanted to start with my childhood.

– Yes, this is right. So Tricky Alice, what can you tell us about your childhood, was that moment essential in your life for the creating process?

– Your IPhone’s ringing.

– Really sorry, my son… ” Hello sweety, i’m interviewing some random artist, i call you back in a minute, love you”.  You know what it is, children…

– No, i don’t.

– …So, your childhood…

– Happy

– …Great! Let’s now talk about your art, tell us more about your creations, what about this name Not So Random Art, did you say it was random?

– I guess it can be seen as random, but randomness is just one step in the process. Lady, i’m tired, we’ll continue this later. Artists are lazy people, you know what i mean.

– …Thank you Tricky Alice, it’s been a pleasure…

– Bye

Not So Random Art