Once upon a time in a random Circus

I don’t want to become the fleeting toy of a cocaine addict clown, she thought.

To be continued…

Not So Random Art


Scoop: Brenda got dumped by Brendon! “My poodle helps me get over it”


Brenda was feeling much better since she hadn’t seen Brendon. He had left a few days ago for Ohio to start a peacock food business. All alone in the huge living room she was painting her feet nails when she accidentally dropped the nail varnish onto the floor. A large green puddle started spreading on the expensive carpet  Brendon offered her for her breast implants 5th anniversary.  Annoyed, she bent down on her knees and started licking the most of the mess she could, trying at the same time to avoid eating dog hair her white poodle scattered all over the place. After five minutes frantically cleaning the rug  with her tongue she sprawled on the floor, exhausted. Eyes wide open she was mindlessly looking at the ceiling when her memories came back. She wouldn’t forget the good times with her love…eating KFC chicken wings at the drive-in movies, biting the dust on Sepulveda boulevard… Her vision got blurred when suddenly the ceiling turned into a psychedelic mirror of her emotions. It looked like a Brendon faces pop art painting, twinkling like a million stars. Feeling nauseous she promptly closed her eyes and finally fell asleep. She woke up later on her white poodle licking her face vigorously…

Not So Random Art

Apocalypse with Cathy

Cathy was playing video games for an hour or two which made any conversation with her impossible. Lying on the couch next to her i finally fell asleep, a piece of her shirt held tight in my left hand. December 20th, 2012… oh yes, we’re all gonna die tomorrow… I jump in the cold water with all my clothes, i won’t catch a cold anyway… the feeling of water slowly getting into my air-filled clothes is awkward. I feel great though…no time, no sound…nothing. Like in a “little death” i let my body drawn until my head goes under the water. After a while i wake up swiftly as i can’t breathe anymore. I look back at Cathy, intensely focused on her video game. We’re all gonna die very soon, yet i want to live until then… and i don’t want to be alone when this happens.

Not So Random Art