2 suns vs. 1 human being …


Not So Random Art


2 comments on “2 suns vs. 1 human being …

  1. Hi Boback,

    Thanks for sharing your work! I browsed your website and really like balanced sculptures, i feel the tension in them and it helps meditation. I’ve been looking for this tension in balanced sculpture myself, piling up stones to the point it almost falls. I made them after a trip to India, watching small stone temples that Indians build everywhere. It had a strong impact on me.

    About my blog i don’t put any event on it (at least not for now ^^). This is a nonsense art blog, in which i write absurd texts, and put in my drawings, paintings, sculptures… i also add links to absurd websites or blogs, artists,…
    I have a Facebook Page where i post links to artists i like browsing the web. I may post artistic events later on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Not-So-Random-Art/285597688142758

    When you’re in Paris let me know, i’m a wanderer/traveler, homeless most of the time, anyway if i’m there we’ll meet 🙂

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