Walking in circle in the desert


Today’s the day! I’ve been waiting for too long… I took my fridge and mattress in my backpack, put my slippers on and went out. The sun light hit my face and i could only see snails running in a huge white spiral. I quickly followed the winner of the race, yet i was too slow and lost them all. After some time walking in the desert i gave a lift to a hitch-hiker. He told me the story of a woman who buried herself to the head as her best wish was to get tanned, but only her face. I nodded…what could i answer? We were walking and talking in circle, not because we wanted to but because we couldn’t find the North. The sun set down so we chose to camp for the night. I spread the mattress out and opened the fridge to grab some food. My friend was so thirsty that he started licking ice inside the fridge. Obviously his tongue got stuck…which was a relief for me as he was too much talkative. The next day i found the island i’ve been looking for all my life… England! …no, just kidding.

Not So Random Art

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