Random Rabbit and Pink Panther

Today i’m angry and sad. The white rabbit that was secretly eating bite by bite my Pink Panther poster (I guess it was jealous: a random albinos bunny compared to the famous elegant Pink Panther…), so that ugly and bothering rabbit of mine left without noticing. It’s been 5 months since we haven’t seen each other and it sometimes visits in my psychedelic dreams. In the last one, Bamby (its name’s Bamby) is having dinner with two friends i’ve been sleeping with, Bob and boB (or is it boB AND Bob? Did i say i slept with them? By the way i’m not sure who these guys are really) Confusing…Anyway, they left already…who left again? God! BACK TO THE STORY! So i was in that huge supermarket, trying some nail polish, which happens regularly (or drying my hair with a hairdryer). Anyway, i was looking for some cheap flight to Moscow Beach when Bamby appeared on a sudden. It then said something like « Eat me, eat me so i’ll be free from this ecCentriC dream of yours, let me freeeeeeeeeee! » Since i wasn’t there anymore i couldn’t help, all the more that i didn’t hear the beginning of its laments. Panthers are really weird sometimes… more when pink.

Not So Random Art

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