Dream: art of nonsense

I was talking with Alice last night. We were sitting peacefully on that huge mushroom of Wonderland, eating pieces of it and smoking hookah. The atmosphere around was metallic blue, green and yellow like in a thick psychedelic mist. After a long talk about how centipede can’t put all its legs above its head and whether it has one head or two at both ends, I laid on the mushy mushroom (i know mushy doesn’t mean anything here but that sounded nice) and closed my eyes. My head was a real mess, i was dancing on various pop music extracts played out of nowhere. I opened my eyes and looked around as Alice was nowhere to be seen. It took me some time to understand that the big white tree right next to me was in fact her calf and when I looked up i could already not find her head. That was pretty creepy and i got more anxious as the mist suddenly turned into…BIP   BIP   BIP   BIP   BIP   BIP (alarm clock ringing: this detail is for deaf who can’t hear and blind who can’t read). Ok, i know, you would say it’s easy for the alarm clock to ring right at the moment you’re out of idea for your story. And i would answer: fuck off (because i’m guilty and uncovered)

Not So Random Art

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