Cheetah’s life philosophy

Fighting for…your life:

I was watching this documentary on female cheetah’s life (cheetah, this sound like monkey name for us French… wasn’t it that monkey’s name in Tarzan? If so why calling a monkey a cheetah…I have to watch that movie again and try to understand the underlying meaning of all this) Anyway cheetahs have a tough life, i guess they don’t know about philosophy otherwise the meaning of life would appear quite obscure to them. I guess they know how it hurts to be eaten or to die of hunger, that is why they keep on living (and because it’s sometimes not easy to suicide when you don’t have prehensile hands)

By the way i have no idea why i was talking about cheetah’s life philosophy (and cheetahs are very grateful that we humans have a great brain to write bullshit like this)

Not So Random Art

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