randoM artiSt interView

Weekly interview – n°1

– Ok, look at me not at the camera, we’ll start with a few questions about yourself, childhood, etc then we’ll get more into your art, right?

– Hem…yes

– (One, two, three) Hello Tricky Alice, welcome at Random Media!

– Hi

– So Alice …

– It’s Tricky Alice.

– Sure… sorry, Tricky Alice. So you are a visual artist, creative, sensitive, crazy and free from art movements, is that right?

– You said you wanted to start with my childhood.

– Yes, this is right. So Tricky Alice, what can you tell us about your childhood, was that moment essential in your life for the creating process?

– Your IPhone’s ringing.

– Really sorry, my son… ” Hello sweety, i’m interviewing some random artist, i call you back in a minute, love you”.  You know what it is, children…

– No, i don’t.

– …So, your childhood…

– Happy

– …Great! Let’s now talk about your art, tell us more about your creations, what about this name Not So Random Art, did you say it was random?

– I guess it can be seen as random, but randomness is just one step in the process. Lady, i’m tired, we’ll continue this later. Artists are lazy people, you know what i mean.

– …Thank you Tricky Alice, it’s been a pleasure…

– Bye

Not So Random Art

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