One-handed random artist

Would this text be fuller if  i had my both hands to write with? I could write every other word. This.. not.. good… Yeah, useless. We are weekly interview day, right? Well i don’t care, regularity is boring.

So today i have THIS, not from me but i managed to give  a good translation or/and interpretation of this text, written in a very old language from ancient civilization (it sounds Spanish though). Enjoy.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata sanctus est Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Here’s my translation or/and interpretation:

Crying of pain while preying on a church chair is an elitist discipline restricted to door makers only (i chose this translation of consetetur yet opinions differ, some would write gate makers. For a better understanding i preferred door), while lust for diamond  has been associated for a short time to numismatists who used to suffer working in the watery magma, in an exquisite pleasure of diamond thirst. That accusation  those two painful asses made was in fact true and legitimate. All that led to some kind of argument between them, that German art critic Gubergren and that Japanese retired sea shepherd Takimata (or might be the opposite…circumstances of that specific moment remain obscure even to experts) about whether or not Espiritu Sanctum would make door makers cry of pain while preying on church chairs.

Legitimate debate indeed, a little off-board maybe.

Found in the dictionary fuller’s earth: terre à foulon….???


Not So Random Art


Dream: art of nonsense

I was talking with Alice last night. We were sitting peacefully on that huge mushroom of Wonderland, eating pieces of it and smoking hookah. The atmosphere around was metallic blue, green and yellow like in a thick psychedelic mist. After a long talk about how centipede can’t put all its legs above its head and whether it has one head or two at both ends, I laid on the mushy mushroom (i know mushy doesn’t mean anything here but that sounded nice) and closed my eyes. My head was a real mess, i was dancing on various pop music extracts played out of nowhere. I opened my eyes and looked around as Alice was nowhere to be seen. It took me some time to understand that the big white tree right next to me was in fact her calf and when I looked up i could already not find her head. That was pretty creepy and i got more anxious as the mist suddenly turned into…BIP   BIP   BIP   BIP   BIP   BIP (alarm clock ringing: this detail is for deaf who can’t hear and blind who can’t read). Ok, i know, you would say it’s easy for the alarm clock to ring right at the moment you’re out of idea for your story. And i would answer: fuck off (because i’m guilty and uncovered)

Not So Random Art

Cheetah’s life philosophy

Fighting for…your life:

I was watching this documentary on female cheetah’s life (cheetah, this sound like monkey name for us French… wasn’t it that monkey’s name in Tarzan? If so why calling a monkey a cheetah…I have to watch that movie again and try to understand the underlying meaning of all this) Anyway cheetahs have a tough life, i guess they don’t know about philosophy otherwise the meaning of life would appear quite obscure to them. I guess they know how it hurts to be eaten or to die of hunger, that is why they keep on living (and because it’s sometimes not easy to suicide when you don’t have prehensile hands)

By the way i have no idea why i was talking about cheetah’s life philosophy (and cheetahs are very grateful that we humans have a great brain to write bullshit like this)

Not So Random Art

Art of conversation with your train neighbor

About taking opportunities in life…

Today i was so proud I asked for a sit next to the nice lady while people fought for room in a crowded Rouen-Paris morning train. I was noticing with some condescension how French don’t take easy opportunities, unlike me…

This was before i learned at my costs that taking an opportunity doesn’t necessarily means taking a good one.

The nice lady turned into a dragon at once and yelled at me half the way through for me trying to make humor… – People don’t want humor in the morning, they are not in the mood, she said.

To what i answered Bloup Bloup like my friend Mr Goldfish…



Not So Random Art

randoM artiSt interView

Weekly interview – n°1

– Ok, look at me not at the camera, we’ll start with a few questions about yourself, childhood, etc then we’ll get more into your art, right?

– Hem…yes

– (One, two, three) Hello Tricky Alice, welcome at Random Media!

– Hi

– So Alice …

– It’s Tricky Alice.

– Sure… sorry, Tricky Alice. So you are a visual artist, creative, sensitive, crazy and free from art movements, is that right?

– You said you wanted to start with my childhood.

– Yes, this is right. So Tricky Alice, what can you tell us about your childhood, was that moment essential in your life for the creating process?

– Your IPhone’s ringing.

– Really sorry, my son… ” Hello sweety, i’m interviewing some random artist, i call you back in a minute, love you”.  You know what it is, children…

– No, i don’t.

– …So, your childhood…

– Happy

– …Great! Let’s now talk about your art, tell us more about your creations, what about this name Not So Random Art, did you say it was random?

– I guess it can be seen as random, but randomness is just one step in the process. Lady, i’m tired, we’ll continue this later. Artists are lazy people, you know what i mean.

– …Thank you Tricky Alice, it’s been a pleasure…

– Bye

Not So Random Art

Art is not that random ^^

Hi You!

This is my first post and I wanted to show You what i can create, isn’t this monster cute?

You’ll soon see that my paintings, drawings and all other creations are really different, always crazy though.

I will post my creations regularly, some are recent, the older ones date from 2005.

Not So Random Art